Furious Tank

Furious Tank 1.0

Furious Tank is a simple shooting game in which you control a tank
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Furious Tank is a simple shooting game in which you control a tank. Every level has a certain mission that you have to accomplish in the allotted time. The mission generally has to do with eliminating all enemies as fast as possible. Your enemies will be marked on the radar as white, so you can easily recognize them and save time. What is more, for every enemy you kill, you get points that you can later exchange for better weapons or other power-ups that help you win the levels faster and more easily.
The controls are really simple, but a bit uncomfortable, and they cannot be customized. You just move the tank with the arrow keys or other designated keys, and you shoot with the mouse.
Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, with only one difficulty level, which is, in fact, pretty challenging, since the time given is very short.
As for the graphics, they simple, but attractive. Sound effects are good and the music is very suitable.
In short, Furious Tank is a simple shooter which certainly doesn't have anything new or impressive, but can help you kill some time for free.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Upgrades


  • Nothing new or impressive
  • Only one mode
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